• 81st Golden Globe Awards

Nobu Preps for Feast At “Biggest Event” In Los Angeles

There will be more than a galaxy of stars gathered on January 7th at the 81st Annual Golden Globes Awards. One of the biggest stars will be Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who told a gaggle of media outlets assembled today that he and his team of 25 experienced chefs are excited to  provide dinner to the star power set to dine on their menu.


“It’s been a dream to do the Golden Globes, because this is the biggest event in Los Angeles,” he said.


The Beverly Hilton Hotel’s International Ballroom, site of iconic award show, hosted a preview of the planned dinner menu, including salmon tartar, sashimi salad, yellowtail jalapeno and a signature dish, black cod miso.


Media members also got a look at the impressive, sleekly designed table settings, which, like the menu, is intended to introduce new elements to the longstanding awards phenomenon. The work going into the table setting was designed to make it look effortless and capture the re-imagined stylized glamour of the night. But the end goals of hipness, elegance and surprise will surely delight the guests.


With 1,100 expected guests in the packed room, Chef Nobu told the Globes this will be the largest-scale event they’ve ever done in Los Angeles.


Feeling any pressure? “Nervous is good for us,” he smiled. “We have great teams. The trick will be timing, because there is hot food and cold food.”


The Nobu restaurants including the landmark Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills are known for their eco-friendly sustainability, and will bring that approach to the Golden Globes, as they prepare food for the ballroom and the terrace, with the latter hosting a sushi chef creating works during the show and is often a refuge for celebrities to slip away during commercial breaks to grab a drink or delicious dessert bite or elegantly crafted snack.


Chef Nobu said he and his team, including Chef Gregorio Stephenson, got excited when Dick Clark Productions CEO Jay Penske first approached him about doing the menu.


At the press event, Chef Nobu deftly avoided multiple questions about his favorite nominees or who he is excited to meet.


Robert De Niro is a partner in the Nobu restaurants, but the chef said simply, “He is a great actor and a great partner.”


The three-hour ceremony will air live on CBS, streamed on Paramount+ and be available on the CBS app, starting at 5 p.m. PT (8-11 p.m. ET). Glenn Weiss and Ricky Kirshner are the exec-producing show runners; Weiss will also direct. The Globes is a joint venture between DCP and Eldridge, respectively run by Jay Penske and Todd Boehly.