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Oral History: Meryl Streep on Her Favorite Actors and Directors

Meryl StreepNicole KidmanThe Prom by Ryan Murphy. When interviewed about Silkwoodin 1983 and A Cry in the Dark“The most fun director to work with was Mike NicholsSilkwoodAlan Pakula, who directed me in Sophie’s Choice, had a very different style, he created a sacrosanct atmosphere on the set, a hallowed space in which to work, where actors felt completely protected and cushioned from any outside influence. Robert BentonKramer vs. KramerStill of the Night (1982).”
“I had a good working relationship with Fred SchepisiPlenty (1985) and our second film, A Cry in the Dark (1988), which I hope is not the last. He lets me talk and occasionally listens to what I say, which is nice, so it’s very enjoyable to work with him, except that the hours he keeps are insane. Hector Babenco, who directed me in Ironweed“When I was a kid used to watchall the time and liked Lucille Ball, I loved Carole Lombard too, although l didn’t know her name for a long time, I just knew that whenever that woman was on, I liked her. I also really admired Katharine HepburnJudy Holliday.”
“When I was in drama school, I idolized Robert De Niro, after I saw Taxi Driver, I said to myself, “That’s the kind of actor I want to be when I grow up.” So, it was a dream to work with him the first time in The Deer Hunter(1978), after that we always wanted to do something else together, and we found the script of Falling in Love (1984), which was a very delicate story with a lot of interior emotion. I love working with him because he’s so meticulous and he’s very committed to the moment that happens, he can’t stand any kind of lie and he’ll go on and on in search of the take that feels absolutely truthful. It’s really very challenging to work with him, but great.”