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Oral History: Paul Bettany on Jennifer Connelly

Paul Bettany plays Marvel Superhero Vision in the TV series WandaVision and a gay man in the 1970s in Uncle Frank, written and directed by Alan Ball. He spoke to HFPA journalists in 2002 and 2003 about his wife Jennifer Connelly.
“That’s the rumor on the underground grapevine and it’s entirely true, I’m in a relationship with Jennifer Connelly and there’s nothing too enigmatic about how we got together. I met her and I thought she was gorgeous and she, for some reason, quite liked me, so we’re now together and I’m as happy as I ever have been.”
“We did not fall in love on the set of A Beautiful Mind, because we didn’t act together, even though we were in the same movie. I really got talking to her during BAFTA time.”
“It’s really interesting, because we’ve both been around the block a bit and didn’t want to do that on-set affair thing, which only ever leads to complete misery and mayhem; but we became really close friends. She was in a relationship and I was in a relationship, which ended. I realized that, if I had a problem, I was ringing her up when I should have been ringing up my girlfriend.  Then after what seemed like ages after I split up with my girlfriend, she finally split up with her boyfriend, then soon after that we got together.” 
“Initially, I thought Jennifer was very plain (jokes), so I thought people would think I was deep by being with her. And now, of course, our relationship has changed because you begin to know somebody on a deeper level. Initially when you meet somebody you give the advert of yourself, ‘I’m this enormously stable funny charming human being,’ and then they get to see the real you and you hope they stay with you. And she has; stupid girl!”
“Jennifer is an incredibly political person, also she’s an American who speaks fluent French, fluent Italian and some Cantonese; and that was so shocking to me, because, you know, bilingual means that you speak two languages and if you speak one language it means you’re American (laughs). And, frankly, the English are the same way, because we’re so arrogant and just assume that everybody is going to understand what we’re saying.” 
“Jennifer is much funnier one to one, whereas she gets quite daunted when she’s in the public eye. And I ridicule her for it, but it’s not something affected, she doesn’t put that on, she really gets daunted by appearing in public and her way of dealing with it is quietly. My way of dealing with it is to tell gags.”