Oscar winners hail Scorsese as Cecil B. deMille choice

The HFPA’s choice of Martin Scorsese to receive the Cecil B. deMille Award at the coming Golden Globes ceremony has been greeted with great enthusiasm by those who know and have worked with him. Two-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis, who worked with the director on The Age Of Innocence and The Gangs of New York, said: “He is and remains, for most actors working today, a man of the most supremely indescribably gifts as a director. Taxi Driver was a seminal film for all of us when I was a kid and living at that time in South East London. Me and all my mates went to see that movie four or five times in the first week it came out. We wanted to know every single thing, not just about those people in the world he was describing, but about the man behind the story—Scorsese. “Long before I ever got to meet him he’d already ready taken on almost fearful proportions in my imagination. One of the great joys which I had never expected in my life was to meet that man and get to work with him. And then get to work with him again. That will always remain one of the great, great joys of my life. There’s nobody like him.” Robert DeNiro, who won his Best Actor Oscar for the Scorsese-directed Raging Bull, has worked with the filmmaker eight times and is currently talking with him about a ninth collaboration. “Everybody knows that we’ve done a lot of movies together and we have a great relationship,” he says. “I think any actor who works with Marty will tell you that he’s open to ideas. If you suggest something he’ll grab it and try and do it and if it doesn’t work he’ll get around it. It might not work but he’ll try, so the actors feel very very confident that whatever their ideas are they’re being listened to and received with open arms and that support is a very important thing to have.”