• Golden Globe Awards

Our First African American Miss Golden Globe: Rosanne Katon

Each year, since 1962, the HFPA has been selecting a young actress to serve as Miss Golden Globes. Some of those so honored also happened to be a Hollywood “second generation”, and this became the adopted criterion in 1985. This year a young African American model and actress, Corinne Foxx, 21, is the daughter of actor Jamie Foxx (a triple Golden Globe nominee and the winner for his starring role in Ray), was selected to the 2016 Miss Golden Globe, assisting in handing out the statuettes to the winners in the upcoming ceremony, January 10, 2016. But Corinne wasn’t our first African American Miss Golden Globe. In fact, she is our fifth to hold the title in the more than 50 years of this tradition. The others are Alexandra Martin, in 1994, the daughter of Whoopi Goldberg (three times Globe nominee, and winner for The Color Purple, 1986 and Ghost in 1991) ; Tori Reid, 1999, the daughter of television actor Tom Reid; Mavis Spencer, 2010, the daughter of Alfre Woodard (3 Globes nominations and one win]. But before all of them was Rosanne Katon, Miss Golden Globe 1981.Katon was born in New York to a Jamaican father, studied acting there, and worked in film and television in the 1970s, mostly in sitcoms, but she also had a recurring role opposite Denzel Washington – this year’s Cecil B deMille Award recipient – in the medical drama St. Elsewhere. Now 62 and retired from acting Rosanne Katon, the first African American Miss Golden Globe, writes, produces, and is active in Operation USA, a California based disaster relief organization.