• Golden Globe Awards

Our Nominees: Best Motion Picture-Drama

Hacksaw Ridge, Directed By Mel Gibson. Conscientious objector Desmond T. Doss (Andrew Garfield) enlists as an Army Medic during World War II and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot. "It’s about a man who is finally honed and going to the beat of a different drummer, like a salmon swimming upstream against the tide of war and violence", director Mel Gibson told us. "At the worst place on Earth, in the hell of war, when most men descend to the levels of an animal, this guy hones his own level of spirituality, and is able to display love." Hacksaw Ridge has two additional nominations: Best Director (Mel Gibson) and Best Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama, Andrew Garfield.Hell Or High Water, Directed By David MackenzieLion, Directed By Garth Davis Lost in the streets of Calcutta, a 5-year-old boy is later adopted by an Australian family. Reaching adulthood, Saroo (Dev Patel) decides to find his birthplace and original family. Lion received three additional nominations: Nicole Kidman, Best Supporting Actress; Dev Patel, Best Supporting Actor; and Best Original Score, Dustin O'Halloran and Hauschka.Manchester By The Sea, Directed By Kenneth Lonergan After suffering a catastrophic loss, Lee (Casey Affleck) deals with life the best he can. Being made legal guardian of his nephew (Lucas Hedges) shakes his carefully built bubble of self-protection. "The character has a lot to feel guilty about", writer/director Kenneth Lonergan told us. "More than most people could bear." Manchester By The Sea was nominated in four more categories: Casey Affleck- Best Actor, Motion Picture-Drama; Michelle Williams- Best Supporting Actress; Best Director and Best Screenplay- Kenneth Lonergan.Moonlight, Directed By Barry Jenkins A young man grows up in a rough neighborhood of Miami, searching for his own identity and his place in the world. Moonlight received five additional nominations: Best Supporting Actress, Naomie Harris; Best Supporting Actor, Mahershala Ali; Best Original Score, Nicholas Britell; Best Director and Best Screenplay, Barry Jenkins.中文介绍请看这里