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Our Nominees: Best Performance By An Actress In A Television Series-Musical or Comedy

Rachel Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. When a boyfriend dumps you, all you do is refuse a partnership at a top law firm, throw away the Xanax, and stalk him to LA.  And you sing and dance all through the process.  At least that’s what Rachel Bloom does on her show airing its second season on the CW.  In case you didn’t know, naughty versions of some of the songs are posted on Bloom’s YouTube channel.  Bloom credits her first Golden Globe nomination and win last year with the renewal of the show.  “The Golden Globe truly changed everything.  It put the show on the map.  It put me on the map.  It changed my life.”  In defense of her character, she had this to say.  “Everyone on the show is crazy.  Everyone on the show does things that are against their own better judgment, against their own well-being, because we’re trying to find our true path.”Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the Veep, then the POTUS, then ….. nobody?  Fans will have to watch the sixth season of the HBO show to find out if Selina Meyer lands on her feet.  Who’s the biggest fan of the show?  No less than our current Veep, Joe Biden himself.  “We’ve become, I would say, friends, during the last couple of years,” Louis-Dreyfus told us.  “He couldn’t be more supportive.  He’s just the most affable guy and I so appreciate the time he’s given me to hang out with him.”  This is Louis-Dreyfus’ ninth Golden Globe nomination; she got five of them for Veep and has won once.Tracee Ellis Ross, Black-ish.Ross is Dr. Rainbow Johnson, the materfamilias of the nominated TV series Black-ish, a working mom dealing with all the usual stresses, and then some. “In essence our show is a multi-generational family comedy, so it really surrounds around what are the things that families are dealing with right now”, Ross told us. “It’s not ripped from the headlines. We are dealing with topics that other people might be afraid to deal with, but this family would really be acting with and coming to grips with.”Sarah Jessica Parker, Divorce. In a departure far away from Carrie Bradshaw, Parker plays frumpy suburban housewife Frances Dufresne, who finds her decision to divorce her husband of more than ten years, leads to a very bumpy road strewn with heartbreak, vengeance and humor.  Parker tells us what she thinks is the line in the show that best describes her character.  “Frances says, sometimes I feel happy and I come home and I see your car in the driveway and my heart sinks.”  Apparently the sentiment resonates with viewers enough that HBO has renewed the show for a second season.  And Parker has won her ninth Golden Globe nomination (with four previous wins).Issa Rae, Insecure. Based on a web series created by Rae, Awkward Black Girl, the show explores the friendship of two black women and their insecurities.  Race and social injustice are themes dealt with a light touch as the show is first and foremost a comedy set in south Los Angeles.  With episodes entitled “Messy as Fuck,” “Racist as Fuck” and “Thirsty as Fuck,” how could it not be?  Rae is careful to say that the show is about these black women, not the story of every black woman.  This is her first Golden Globe nomination.Gina Rodriguez, Jane The Virgin. “The show is not about her being a virgin,” declares Rodriguez at an HFPA press conference.  “It’s about a family, these three generations.  And about finding herself and transforming and going from a young girl to a woman to mother.”   Whether fans agree or not, Jane has brought Rodriguez her third Globe nomination, all of them for this show now in its third season, with its title modified to drop the virgin part, since Jane is now married.  It is based on a Venezuelan telenovela and tells the story of a religious young woman who took a vow of chastity till marriage who becomes artificially inseminated by mistake.  While not abandoning its telenovela roots, the melodrama is tempered by the humor and complexity of its writing and has long been a critics favorite. También en español.