• Golden Globe Awards

Paradise (Russia)

Paradise is not the first entry into Golden Globes competition by well known Russian film director Andrei Konchalovsky. His American production, Runaway Train, was nominated for the Golden Globe in the Best Drama category, his American TV mini-series The Odyssey was nominated for three Golden Globe Awards including best mini-series or movie made for TV.His latest film won the Silver Lion for Best Director at the 2016 Venice Film Festival in September and Paradise  was subsequently acquired for release in many countries, including China, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Latin America, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece. Release in the USA and UK is pending.At the center of this World War II story with a substantial element of Holocaust is a Russian aristocrat Olga (Julia Vysotskaya, the director’s wife), who was forced to leave Russia for France after the communist takeover of her homeland. As many other Russian émigrés she joins the French resistance and, among other underground activities, shelters Jewish children. She is arrested by Jules (Philippe Duquesne), a collaborationist French police detective who has an eye on her beauty. But Jules is killed by the Resistance and Olga is sent to German concentration camp where she is assigned to work as a maid for a high-ranking German SS officer Helmut (Christian Clauss). The two had coincidentally met before the war as fellow gilded aristocrats. Now their paths intertwine once agin and their humanity is tested under extreme circumstance.Andrei Konchalovsky, to whom as a filmmaker the subject of Holocaust is absolutely new, says: “The recent award recognition we received in Venice this year made me very happy as I found that our efforts to preserve the memory of those who vanished in the concentration camps will not be lost…My film is a fight to never forget and this fight is to keep new generations aware of terrible horrors of the 20th century”.