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Perfect Judgement (Aruba)

The old adage, “You reap what you sow” is the theme of a rare film coming out of Aruba, an island nation not known for its movie industry. The plot falls into the narco-crime story-thriller-courtroom drama genre.
Django Maduro is an Elite Squad leader in Aruba’s police force. His brother Ruben Maduro, and his wife are murdered, leaving behind a son, Jesse. The case becomes one of the biggest cases on the island of Aruba. During the proceedings, psychologist Dr. Angela de Cuba is taking care of Jesse and evaluates whether or not to release him into his uncle Django’s legal guardianship. Django is a womanizer, and he has a severe conflict of interest as the cop who has to solve the case and find out who murdered his brother and sister-in-law.  
To say that there is practically no financing available in Aruba is an understatement. During rehearsal, the filmmaker released a short video with all involved talking about their project and asking for support. All involved means also that this was a family affair. You find the same last names all over the cast and crew list. And the rest is friends, most of them professional actors, though, like Luty Martinez who has a lot of theater experience and has done more films in Aruba than most of her colleagues – three. The production is also quite international: lead actress Kimberley Rodriguez was born in Venezuela and moved to Aruba after getting more offers for work on the island. Jerome van der Spil was born in the Netherlands. Another Dutch actor is Servaas Bryan Timmermans. Hannah Arends is from Brazil and hopes that the island will build up its artistic reputation after the release: “I hope that after this film we can develop more of a film industry in Aruba”, she said.
There are the brother and sister team Ashan and Desiree Tromp and then there are the relatives of director Angelo Croes who spoke about the dedication of everyone involved: “The actors rehearsed every Saturday, which was a big sacrifice that we believe will result in something that will bring good revenue to Aruba. Our actors were very motivated, they have been training and preparing themselves for six months. Our biggest challenge was the lack of equipment. We would like to make this film as professional as it can be”, he said.
Stephanie Croes, his daughter, is the screenwriter, assistant director, and actress: she wrote the screenplay within six months. His brother Roy served as director of photography and editor and says: “Making a film here is very difficult. This is my second one. We are filming very raw, so we can have more flexibility and latitude in post-production.”
Another relative, Gionathan Croes has high hopes that this production will inspire others: “That every actor who does not live in a country where there is a big film industry, will have the same opportunity that I was given.”
Co-star Nanelle Van der Spil Croes puts it best: “I guess there is a lot of hidden talent in my family!”