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Podcast: 2022 Comic Con Wrap-Up, Golden Globes Around the World Series


As the Golden Globes website has been highlighting for the past week, San Diego’s Comic-Con – a Holy Grail to geeks everywhere – finally returned after a three-year Covid-induced hiatus.

Nothing replaces the experience of being there in person, but our HFPA members Anke Hofmann and Rocio Ayuso will try it in our new episode of the Golden Globes Around the World podcast. Hofmann and Ayuso were part of the frenzied audiences attending panels for Marvel (Black Panther 2 was the highlight), House of Dragon (author George R.R. Martin left his house for the first time in 2 years!), Lord of the Rings (super fan and host Stephen Colbert stole the limelight) and DC (Dwayne Johnson back for the first time in 7 years for Black Adam).

Do they also answer burning questions such as what were some of the coolest costumes worn around the convention floor? What were the coolest film or TV ‘activations’ (interactive spaces) they visited? Which projects were the surprise omissions (Avatar, we’re talking about you!) And what the heck was Hugh Grant doing at Comic-Con for the first time?

Our self-declared geeks of the highest order have become known in HFPA circles as ‘the Comic-Conettes’.  And our wrap-up with them will not disappoint!