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Podcast: Golden Globes Around the World – Kathleen Turner

It’s been 40 years since Kathleen Turner rose to fame in her breakthrough role in Lawrence Kasdan’s directorial debut, Body Heat. That film also garnered Turner her first of five Golden Globe nominations: Best New Star. She went on to win two Globes – for Romancing the Stone (1985) and Prizzi’s Honor (1986) – and she scored another two nominations, for Peggy Sue Got Married (1987) and War of the Roses (1990).

The actress tells HFPA member Michele Manelis in a new episode of the “Golden Globes Around the World” podcast that she was so in demand, she worked right up to the day she gave birth to her daughter, Rachel.  “I was doing the voice of Jessica Rabbit,” Turner says, referring to the femme fatale in the animated hit film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. “In fact, the day I was supposed to be recording to the finish, I went into labor and was in the delivery room saying, ‘call the studio and tell them I won’t be there today!’”



Reflecting on an extraordinary career spanning four decades, Turner talks about her childhood as the daughter of a diplomat, her long friendship with co-star Michael Douglas – with whom she reunited last year in The Kominsky Method – and her passion for teaching acting and giving back, serving 37 years on the board of People for the American Way and supporting other organizations including Planned Parenthood. And she has a lot to say about the current likelihood that Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

 “I said to my daughter the other night, ’10 years ago I said to you and your friends, don’t be so complacent, don’t assume that you will have this right your whole life because it’s not going to happen,’” she says sadly. “They said ‘no, no, no.’ But I’m old enough to be pre-Roe v. Wade and remember something about those times. It is very difficult to even believe this is happening, but it is happening, and women have to do something about it.”