Beverly Hills, CA. August 13, 2015 Hollywood Foreign Press Association presents annual Grants Dinner Thursday night from the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The HFPA will present more than $2 million in donations to non-profit entertainment-related organizations and scholarship programs. Pictured: Jamie Lee Curtis arrives on the red carpet.
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Quarantined Publicity

Colin Farrell, Zach Braff, and Kim Cattrall.

Andrew Thomas, like all consultants, is happy that we are not living in 1996 anymore, with dial-up internet: “Like all of us in this industry, Alan Nierob who represents the likes of Jamie Foxx, Richard Gere, Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson, and others is grateful for video conferencing but cautions: “mso-themecolor:text1’>Most of my clients have really been embracing the “work from home” life and have found it a sense of relief doing their own hair and makeup and wearing comfortable clothes from their closets. They are in this the same as all of us and have no problem portraying themselves exactly as they are. That being said, when there’s a photoshoot, they like to consult their stylists on what to wear. But for interviews, it’s less of a bother.

For those who want to put out positive messaging right now and help those in need, I encourage them to do so, as long as it is genuine and will not be perceived as opportunistic.”, says Anonymous, “for those who have a project to promote, I tell them it’s fine to put themselves out there and talk about their work. People need a distraction from what’s going on right now in the world, and entertainment is one of the best distractions out there.” Smith agrees: “Sclients,for color:black;mso-themecolor:text1’>. Others"Arial",sans-serif;color:black;mso-themecolor:text1’>,color:black;mso-themecolor:text1’>”

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mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:black;mso-themecolor:text1’> people can still get themselves into trouble!One topic all agree on is the red carpets. The way we were used to them is a thing of the past and maybe very distant future. Nierob is "Arial",sans-serif;color:black;mso-themecolor:text1’>. At least not in the way they were done before.

color:black;mso-themecolor:text1’>I’m anticipating a new overall approach to how red carpets and events will play a role in promotions. I think we will start seeing a shift to more virtual events, and a very controlled and subdued plan for anything in-person. Going digital and doing things virtually, will allow more opportunities for talent, studios, and press alike. And I’m not going to lie, not having to deal with travel logistics will be far less of a headache for me!”

All agree on one thing: Covid-19 has changed the industry and some new practices are here to stay, even if everyone misses the physical interaction with their colleagues and clients and previously harmlessly popping into someone’s office for a quick chat, a brainstorm or just a coffee.