• 81st Golden Globe Awards

Red Carpet Rollout Kicks off the Final Countdown to the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes rolled out the red carpet on Jan. 4 ahead of the Sunday ceremony, with Globes president Helen Hoehne welcoming the press and proclaiming, “We are looking forward to a great show.”


The rollout event was held at the Beverly Hilton, with Hoehne unfurling the carpet along with showrunners Ricky Kirshner and Glenn Weiss, Dick Clark Prods.’ Barry Adelman and Sunday’s host, comedian Jo Koy.


Koy later told GoldenGlobes.com that he didn’t get any instructions or even suggestions from anyone at the Globes, Dick Clark Prods or CBS. He laughed, “How crazy is that? I’m glad they didn’t. They just want everyone to have fun — it’s the Golden Globes, man! There will be 52 different countries watching, and I have to be aware of that. “Chris Rock gave me the best advice,” Koy stated. “He said, ‘Just stay backstage and watch the show; if something happens, you don’t want to miss it because you’re changing your costume. Just watch the show and be ready.’ ”


Kirshner and Weiss echoed the idea of spontaneity in the show. “We love live television,” said Weiss. “With an experience like this, anything can happen. There have been so many moments at the Golden Globes that were spontaneous and unplanned.”


They will use 19 cameras to capture the action and said the high number is because there are so many people — about 1,100 — in a small space. Weiss said they want home audiences to get an immersive experience, to feel like they are also in the room.


The 81st Golden Globe Awards will take place Jan. 7 at the Beverly Hilton, its home since 1961. The three-hour ceremony will air live on CBS, streamed on Paramount+, and be available on the CBS app, starting at 5 p.m. PT (8-11 p.m. ET). The Globes is a joint venture between DCP and Eldridge, respectively, run by Jay Penske and Todd Boehly.