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Richard Attenborough 1923-2014

We mourn the passing of Richard Attenborough. He was a classically trained theater and film actor, a director and producer, a humanitarian, an art collector, the president of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and a lifelong Chelsea supporter. His film career took him from collaborating with Edgar G. Robinson on wartime propaganda to working with Steven Spielberg. To many younger fans he is probably most remembered as visionary but overambitious prehistoric park developer John Hammond from Jurassic Park. To us he was all of those things as well as a six-time nominee, three-time Golden Globe laureate who won supporting actor awards for The Sand Pebbles (1967) and Doctor Dolittle (1968) and a directing nod in 1983 for Gandhi (his other nominations stemmed from his work on The Movie: A Chorus Line and Cry Freedom.