Ricky Gervais will use his trip to next month’s Golden Globes to fit in some movie work as well. The British comedian, who will be hosting the awards show for the second year running, will shoot a walk-on part in Disney’s new Muppets movie the day before the show. In a recent conference call he told interviewers he wanted to “push the boundaries a little bit more” at the ceremony. The Office and Extras star said he wants to have “even more fun” this time around. “I had such a great time last year but like anything you do for the first time you go, ‘Oh, let me do it again! I can do it better!’ he said when asked for his thoughts on the 2010 ceremony. “I think I pitched it about right but I think I can go a little bit further. I think I can go out and really throw away the shackles of worry; I don’t mean I’ll go out and get drunk and have no planning or input, but I think I can certainly have more fun with it and more fun with the room.” He admitted that he had given himself a “weird restriction” during the previous event by only writing gags about stars who were handing out trophies, but said he is planning on extending his joke targets this time. “I’ve realised I can reference anyone in the room,” he explained. “I’m going to have even more fun with it, probably go a bit further and push the boundaries a little bit more. What’s the worst that can happen? I didn’t expect to be invited back a second time and I won’t do it a third so I have nothing to lose.”