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Road to the 73rd Golden Globes: Run Up to The Red Carpet

Honoring the best in film and television, the 73rd edition of the Golden Globes will take place on January 10 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, and will be broadcast live on NBC. As usual, the red carpet will trasform into a glamorous gathering of stars greeting each other and catching up and reporters asking that ubiquitous question: 'Who are you wearing?'

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman/George and Amal Clooney


In a field where actors portray other people and are dressed to capture the character, the red carpet has become a form of personal expression, particularly for actresses who showcase individual fashion choices.

Melissa McCarthy/Oprah and Helen Mirren


Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson/Dakota Johnson


The red carpet is where a star can reveal how she wants to be seen. No wonder the world watches.

While the focus is on celebrating greatness on the big and small screens, the fashion of the evening also captures the fans' imagination, nor is this a new trend.

A look back at the vintage photos from the Globes’ archives proves that Hollywood and haute couture have always been linked.

Claudia Cardinale/Elisabeth Taylor


Throughout the ceremony,

Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Jeffrey Tambor/Gwyneth Paltrow


stars relax laugh and schmooze –

Michael Keaton, Naomi Watts, Meryl Streep, Liev Schreiber/David Oyelowo and Ava DuVernay


confident that they look their best.

Jaime Camil and Gina Rodriguez/Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford


This year, in the run up to the red carpet, we will pay homage to the stars and designers who bring out the best in them as they get into a Golden mood.

Amy Adams/Robert Downey, Jr./Patricia Arquette


So check back often as we pay homage to the decades-long marriage between fashion and film, highlight iconic houses, focus on the fashions we’ve seen at past Golden Globes and explore make-up and hair trends that we are likely to see this year, in a celebration of the Red Carpet fashions of the Golden Globes.

Margaret Gardiner