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Road To The 73rd Golden Globes, Style: For Hair and Makeup, Clean And Sizzling Are On Trend

Red carpet beauty is different from everyday beauty. Scrunched hair may work for an intimate dinner where sexy, just tumbled from the bed tresses are a plus. It’s not that sexy doesn’t work, but the aim at the best of the best events – which defines the Golden Globes Awards – is grooming. The lines are clean. The illusion is effortless, but in actuality it takes a lot of effort to achieve the clean finish and pulled together style that each star, regardless of age or shape presents. There’s someone for everyone to inspire our inner actress. We may be an investment banker or work at McDonalds, but trends highlighted at the 2016 Golden Globes will influence us and be emulated around the world – so what should we look for?

Our style experts guided us to the perennial classics that evolve to encompass a du jour twist. Marc Cornwell, whose work has featured in Vogue and Elle, defines three categories for the face. “There’s the modern take on old Hollywood glamour. Brushed brows, polished skin allowing the glow to peek through, a light lash, tight eye emphases and a matt berry lip.” This look works with skin that’s porcelain or slightly bronzed.

Sandra Bullock                                                                      Jennifer Lawrence


The ‘total natural’ is one of the most flattering looks for day or red carpet visages. It can also be called a muted palette and is good for any age. “I like to lightly smoke the eyes,” says Marc as he demonstrates in a photo studio. “Kohl the eyes, layer on a medium lashing of mascara, shade a taupe shimmer to the eye, the skin polished, the look pulled together with a mauve lip.” The total: smoldering.

Anne Hathaway                                                                         Michelle Dockery


The final look – one might call this the Jennifer Lopez look, as she always sizzles – but in reality it is full-on glamour. “The glam girl uses a contoured face, a cut crease to the eye with winged liner. The brow is fully defined. Lashes are a must.” Marc has been known to layer on two sets of lashes to achieve the natural but intense prominence to the eye. The mouth also comes into focus. The lips are defined, the color either intense of subtle.

Lupita Nyong’o                                                                         Julianna Margulies


Hair is the most challenging aspect of an event like the Globes. Because the award show takes place in early January, even when it’s not an El Nino year, the skies can shine blue and clear or press grey and rainy. What’s a star to do? Aubrey Loots, owner of DNA salons in Los Angeles, suggests a perfect solution: beautifully designed topknots, or softly textured waves. Grooming is key, and stars find ways to stand out with hair bands and clips.

Julia Roberts 2010                                                                             Drew Barrymore


Joaquin Phoenix                                                                                   Kate Beckinsale


David Cox, who is highly sought after by elite stars, having crafted the looks of many A-listers including Chris Pine and Joaquin Phoenix, says for men its pretty simple. “I don’t do wardrobe, but I bring an understanding of fashion and consider a client’s personal style.” Because of the caliber of an award show like the Golden Globes, which is a celebration of the best of the best without being stodgy, “a super sharp suit or tux works. Regardless of the choice, the common thread is sharply dressed men.” But that doesn’t mean uniformity. “There will be a variety of looks; generally men want to appear as natural as possible.” He meets the goal with a little moisturizer and a slightly unkempt, yet groomed feel. “Many like the clean shaven, side parted, slightly matted style.” And of course there are those guys who always sport a little chin scruff. “No matter what, it’s important to stay loose and have fun.” Cox comments.

Tune in Sunday to see the looks of the red carpet and click here to see past stand out in beauty hair and grooming.