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Rosamund Pike: A Very Special Golden Globe Moment

They all sat in front of their screens, some better lit than others but all of them isolated. It was February 28, 2021, and the uninvited party guest Covid had crashed the 78th Golden Globe Awards that had gone virtual as a result. Five beautifully dressed ladies were nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy: Maria Bakalova, Kate Hudson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Anya Taylor-Joy and Rosamund Pike, who wore a bright red tulle Molly Goddard gown with black combat boots that would have sent style reporters on the red carpet over the edge. Except there was no red carpet, and no one could see the boots on Zoom.

When presenter Ben Stiller announced the winner, Pike was truly surprised and a bit flustered: “I bet it looks like I care a lot. Wow. I care a lot, I do!” she said, referring to the title of the film, I Care A Lot, that had won the three-time nominee her first Golden Globe. She was still deeply moved during her virtual backstage interview: “I’m totally overwhelmed. Thank you, guys, so much. I’m really moved, I’m gonna start crying again. The nomination and the reception of the film was enough, but it’s amazing,” she said from an austere hotel room: “I’m all dressed up and nowhere to go.”
Pike was in Prague, where she was in the middle of filming the TV series The Wheel of Time, the epic tale based on Robert Jordan’s high fantasy book series. “I might take this dress for a walk in a deserted city at night,” she laughed.  It was the only option she had in lockdown, after all. “I can’t wait to see the Golden Globe, my children were asking me a lot about it that I couldn’t answer, about what it actually looks like,” she added.
Fast forward a few weeks. Rarely do we get to hear about the reactions of winners who could not attend in person when they finally receive their award. But thanks to Pike’s series co-star Daniel Henney, who revealed the heartwarming story at the science fiction convention JordanCon 2022, we now know how the actress received her physical Globe, which had been sent to the studio in the Czech Republic where the cast and crew were shooting. In the series, Pike stars as Moraine, a woman with special powers.
Henney, who plays the character a’Lan “Lan” Mandragoran, heard from showrunner Rafe Judkins that the prize would be arriving and planned a very special surprise for its recipient: “During one of the scenes we were shooting…I’d hidden the award in…Lan’s [back]pack and as [Pike] was speaking, I turned to her in the middle of the scene and I just said, ‘We want to thank you so much for who you are, what you do…and what an amazing leader you are for us,'” the actor said. “I got down on one knee and pulled out her award mid-scene, and she just broke down…It was a really special moment and I hope one day, somehow behind the scenes, that comes out.”
We certainly cannot wait to see this very special outtake.