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On The Set of Bond, James Bond

The HFPA got a peek under the hood of the massive operation that is a James Bond production, traveling to Mexico City, the location for the elaborate opening sequence of the upcoming Spectre. As is a 007 tradition, the intricate action scene which opens the movie takes place on the backdrop of an exotic festival, in this case a Day of the Dead parade and festival in the Zocalo, the capital city’s grand central square. The action scene involves a chase that involves a series of daring helicopter stunts and 1,500 extras in full makeup. Along with hundreds of Mexico City residents that lined the plaza, we witnessed a few takes from the terrace of the aptly named Gran Hotel (which incidentally served as Bond location once before: For License to Kill in 1989). Here are a few pictures of the stunning work we witnessed by the costume and makeup departments (headed by Jany Temime and Naomi Donne). As for the full accounts of our visits you’ll have to wait for the fall: the 24th installment in the Bond franchise is slated for a November release.
Check out these exclusive photos from the set: CLICK HERE