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Sky High (Spain)

Duque (Fernando Cayo) is a tireless detective who will not stop until his career ends. Angel (Miguel Herrán) is a marginalized young criminal who lives outside the law and outside the system, he will stop at nothing and pay any price to scale the social ladder and join the ranks of the capitalist elite from which he feels excluded. When their paths cross their existence turn into all or nothing.
Inspired by the reality of Spain’s national organized crime, the film, according to its director, Daniel Calparsoro, take us on a journey from Madrid to Ibiza in a thriller full of strong emotions and fast action with a social background that narrates the vicissitudes of some criminals raised in the slums behind the opportunities, the pleasures and luxuries that our society offers but are reserved for a few.
Angel begins to climb quickly in a pyramid of robberies, black money, shady business and corrupt lawyers until he becomes the protégé of Rogelio (Luis Tosar), one of the guys who controls the city´s black market. With the help of Sole (Asia Ortega), the boss’s daughter, Angel will discover that the price of power is high and that he will have to decide between his future as a robber and the love of his life, Estrella (Carolina Yuste).
“The idea cropped up about eight years ago, when I saw the news of a robbery and I was impressed by how well it had been planned, as well as how young the members of the gang were”, recalls the director who spent several months working researching the story. Along with screenwriter Jorge Guerricoechevarría and producers Borja Pena and Emma Lustres, Calparsoro tried to go ahead with the project but another film (Cien años de perdón) turned up and he had to leave High Sky on standby. “I resumed this project after the premiere of the other film, with a vague idea about the character and lots of information. Taking the research work even farther we discovered aspects of great relevance that helped us create and develop a fiction movie based on real cases”, adds Calparsoro.
Shot in Madrid, Valencia and Ibiza, the film tells the story of a dream: about all one must sacrifice to achieve it. A love story with social undertones that the director packed with everything, from heart-stopping action and frenzy violence to romance. “The shoot turned out to be very amusing and complicated at the same time because of the action sequences it involved, although the key issues of the film are the characters: young guys and girls from the city slums seeking to obtain what they lack and others have”, notes the director. To cast these characters the filmmakers counted on a mix of prestigious and most recognizable actors in Spain, like Luis Tosar (Eye for an Eye, The Minions of Midas) along with some of the most talented emerging stars such as Miguel Herrán (Money Heist) Carolina Yuste (Carmen & Lola) and Asia Ortega (Tu Hijo). To find the right street people for the film, they counted on rappers, “very genuine individuals that add considerable freshness, novelty and credibility to the movie,” explains Calparsoro.