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Spitak (Armenia/Russia)

Spitak, is a town and urban municipal community in the northern Lori Province of Armenia. It is 96 km north of the capital, Yerevan, and 22 km west of the provincial center of Vanadzor. Spitak was entirely destroyed during the devastating 1988 earthquake, which killed 25000 people.In the film Gor (Lernik Harutyunyan) is trying to fly to Armenia from Moscow to search for his family stuck in Spitak, at the very epicenter of the devastating 1988 earthquake. Once there, Gor rushes through what’s left from the town in search of his small house. On his way, he meets various characters, each one of them with his or her personal tragedy and challenge. The locals strive to find their loved ones – alive or dead.Medics try to help those who survived, working day and night despite the shortage of medications and performing surgeries with the materials on hand. Soldiers and volunteers risk their lives to clear the debris. As Gor doesn’t give up looking for his family, his wife and small daughter are still alive under the debris. But as long as there is love, there is hope…Aleksandr Kott was born on February 22, 1973 in Moscow, Russia. He is a prolific director and producer known, besides his other popular films, Test (2014) and Insight (2015).He studied film directing under famous Russian film and TV director Vladimir Khotinenko at the VGIK film institute in Moscow, Russia. He finished his studies under the supervision of Oscar winning director Andrzej Wajda in Cracow, Poland.”(My main character)” says Lott, “was going to (emigrate) to Los Angeles, as many people tried to then, but in those tragic days he returned to his home and, sorting through the rubble, he realized that it was his homeland and it was impossible to escape from it… This is not an action film, this is a requiem movie. This movie is about a person who has found himself. Unfortunately, as a result of the tragedy”.