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Superheroes Swoop into DC FanDome

Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, Pierce Brosnan, James Gunn, and Jason Momoa delighted fans across the globe with virtual interviews, on-set discussions and highly anticipated trailer launches at the 2021 DC FanDome event. The 4-hour presentation from Warner Bros. and DC Comics has accrued 66 million online views and provided audiences with sneak peeks of upcoming TV shows and movies, including Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Black Adam, and Peacemaker. Here’s a guide to some of the biggest announcements…


The Suicide Squad director James Gunn led an entertaining panel with the cast of his upcoming HBO Max show Peacemaker. While lead actor John Cena kept a lot of the show’s secrets close to his chest, executive producers Peter Safran and Matt Miller teased what audiences can expect from the madcap superhero spinoff series.

“I think [fans] can expect a truly original superhero show,” revealed Peter Safran. “James [Gunn] wrote all eight episodes. He directed five of the eight, and it’s just got that unique tone that James brings to all the content that he creates. I think it’s something pretty special.”

Matt Miller added: “With the action, the spectacle, the emotion and the comedy, there is also this workplace comedy at the center of it. It’s about all of these characters that come together. It’s like The Office as a superhero show.”


Wonder Woman 3

DC FanDome featured exclusive interviews with Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, and Lynda Carter to celebrate 80 years of the iconic comic book character, Wonder Woman.

During the informative panel, Jenkins (who directed Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984) discussed the resonance of the female superhero with Lynda Carter, who famously portrayed the character on TV. “I think that Wonder Woman was controversial at the time she came out,” explained Jenkins. “To my deep surprise, she was still controversial when you did it, Lynda, because I remember all the conversation about: ‘Were you too beautiful? Were you too kind? Were you too loving?’ When we made the film, it was still controversial that she could be all of those things at once. But to me, that is the essence of Wonder Woman.” To the delight of fans, Jenkins went on to admit that Wonder Woman 3 has officially been greenlit. “It’s coming, everyone,” she announced. “Wonder Woman 3 is coming.” 


Black Adam

A short scene from the superhero movie Black Adam was released at DC FanDome, where Dwayne Johnson’s lead character is first revealed to audiences.

“This character, this film, and this universe have been a gigantic passion project of mine for a very long time,” explained the actor. “I’ve worked so hard; I’ve worked my fingers to the bone on this project because it’s the kind of project that I know comes along once in a lifetime. The truth is, I was born to play Black Adam.”

A number of cast members were on hand to reveal their roles during the movie’s virtual panel. Pierce Brosnan will play Dr. Fate, Aldis Hodge is Hawkman, Quintessa Swindell plays Cyclone, and Noah Centineo is Atom Smasher in the live-action project.

Brosnan also fed into the hype of the movie. “I’ve never seen the likes of this before,” the Irish-born actor admitted. “Having done James Bond for 10 years and 4 films, nothing compares to this.”


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Producer and director James Wan gave fans a sneak peek at behind-the-scenes footage and concept art from the superhero sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

“Like the comic book, the world of Aquaman is so big and so rich,” Wan explained. “People are going to be in for a treat when Aquaman 2 comes out. They are going to get a movie that’s more mature, and yet still retains its fun to give the audience something different and something new that they haven’t seen before.”

“I’m super excited to be back making the sequel,” added Jason Momoa, who plays the lead character. “I have so much invested into it. I love this character and I love what he represents. There’s nothing that I’ve ever been a part of that’s like this.”

Teasing the storyline, Wan revealed: “We see that Black Manta [played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II] is still seeking his vengeance to try and kill Aquaman. That’s going to be something that’s exciting for the audience… It’s a globetrotting story. We visit so many different worlds. This movie isn’t afraid to embrace its fantasy and go on this magical journey. I think it’s going to be really awesome.”

“It’s going to be a fun adventure, like the first time,” concluded Momoa. “Just better.”