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The Cake General (Sweden)

Based on a true story, the directorial debut of Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson, The Cake General is a quirky comedy set in the 1980s about an eccentric resident of the so-called “the most boring town in Sweden” who decides to put his quiet provincial town on the map by assembling the world’s longest sandwich cake.It is 1984. The small Swedish town of Köping is named the most boring town in Sweden by a popular television show. One resident, Hasse Pettersson (Mikael Perssbrandt, The Hobbit) refuses to accept that his little hamlet has become a laughing stock for the country and decides to cook up something unseen in this region. Hasse struggles with heavy drinking and financial problems, but it does not prevent him from making the world’s largest layer cake. By pursuing this goal and realizing his inner drive for success by any means, Hasse finally obtains the real sense of purpose of his existence.A story of personal fulfillment and resilience, The Cake General also stands as the tale of a community coming together to prove that no person or group of people should be cast as irrelevant. Former television comedy hosts Hammar and Wikingsson based the film on a true story. Their film is a warm and heartfelt tribute to people who live non-conventional lives and try to have a meaningful existence, no matter how strange it may seem to others.“Sadly, the real Cake General himself is no longer with us,” say the directors, “but we know he would be overjoyed to know that his story traveled all over the world … You may come from a small town in Sweden, Russia, Brazil or anywhere in the world, but you want to be heard. You want to be acknowledged.”