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The People Vs. Fritz Bauer (Germany)

Set in 1957, The People Vs. Fritz Bauer is about a German Jewish attorney general in pursuit of Nazis to bring justice for their atrocities during WWII. In this case, Herr Bauer (Burghart Klausner) is in hot pursuit of one man in particular, SS-Obersturmbannfuher Adolf Eichmann.Bauer’s background reveals he enjoyed a promising legal career before it was abruptly truncated after being sent to a concentration camp. After escaping, he relocated to Denmark and then Sweden to wait out the war before returning to West Germany in the late 40s.Now established as a reputable lawyer, Bauer receives confirmation via a mysterious letter from Argentina revealing Eichmann is indeed alive and living in Buenos Aires.Against the wishes of the German government, Bauer commits high treason contacting the Israeli Mossad rather than Interpol or the German intelligence service. He decides against that because thus far, to hose agencies have thwarted every one of his efforts to find him and he has reason to suspect they would alert Eichmann. But Bauer finds the Israelis to be skeptical of his claims and are more concerned with their tumultuous situation with neighboring Arabs. However, they advise Bauer that if he finds a second source confirming Eichmann’s location they will help him pursue the case.This gripping drama garnered six German Film Awards including Best Film, Best Director (Lars Kraume), Best Supporting Actor (Ronald Zehrfled), and Best Screenplay (Lars Kraume, Olivier Guez). It is based on real people and events, with the exception of one fictional plot-point involving a young prosecutor (Ronald Zehrfeld) who Bauer brings in to help him on his quest, and who adds his own personal intrigue into the mix.The People Vs Fritz Bauer is a multi-layered historical drama. Although well-trodden material, Bauer is a compelling character who against the odds finds the needle in the haystack.