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They Said What? Choice Quotes From Nominees Past and Present

Over the years we have recognized the talent of generations of stars and filmmakers. And, equally imporrtant, we have interviewed them and heard what they had to say about topics both sublime and mundane. This is what some of our past (and present) nominees had to say on life, love and fame. Also: dogs, cooking and hair color.All photos: HFPASourced and curated by Jack Tewksbury

"Movie acting has far too many amateurs." Helen Mirren, 12 nominations, 3 Golden Globes

"I wanted the lead role in a play, that of an intellectual young man at odds with his working class parents I took my week’s commissions selling ice cream and candy from a truck and bought a distinguished looking pair of glasses so I'd get the part. The director took one look at me and said, "Just what we want. I'll rent the glasses." – Brad Pitt, 5 nominations, 1 Golden Globe

"Bette Davis old maid's laughter is He! He! He!" Joan Crawford, 1 nomination, 1 Cecil B. deMille Award

"Of course I know I'm a greater actor than Laurence Olivier. I also know that a camel is a cow upside down."Peter O'Toole, 10 nominations, 3 Golden Globes

"The music business only wants young people – the younger the better. One guy was recently made a vice president at my Interscope Records. "Aren't you happy?" they asked him. "I'm so happy I'm going to go home and tell my mommy," he replied."- Lady Gaga, 1 nomination

"Truth is stranger than fiction but not too popular."Robert Altman, 5 nominations, 1 Golden Globe

"I don't know what to do. I think life is neither worth living or leaving."- Woody Allen, 8 nominations, 2 Golden Globes, 1 Cecil B. deMille Award

"A dog is the only living entity that sees his god." Richard Gere, 4 nominations, 1 Golden Globe

"Housebreaking a dog is a lot easier than spouse breaking" – Jennifer Aniston, 3 nominations, 1 Golden Globe

"P.S. is the most important part of a woman's e-mail."- Michael Caine, 11 nominations, 3 Golden Globes

"Many men would be cowards if they had the courage."- Jane Fonda, 15 nominations, 3 Henrietta Awards, 4 Golden Globes

"To make a girl laugh at my jokes I tell her she has a musical laugh." – Jim Carrey, 6 nominations, 2 Golden Globes

"Men are the only creatures vainer than women."Anjelica Huston, 7 nominations, 1 Golden Globe

"I was wearing a sweater when I met Frank (Sinatra). l let him pull the wool over my eyes." – Marilyn Monroe, 4 nominations, 2 Henrietta Awards, 1 Golden Globe

"If you love a guy, you want to give him the best things in life, starting with you."Angelina Jolie, 6 nominations, 3 Golden Globes

"Men love to touch a women's body and women love to retouch it." – Sarah Jessica Parker, 8 nominations, 4 Golden Globes

"Making love is of absolutely no use to anyone but ecstasy for two." Sharon Stone, 4 nominations, 1 Golden Globe

"A brunette is a girl who didn't follow the instructions on the bottle."- Jayne Mansfield, 1 Golden Globe

"I dress to kill and cook the same way."Uma Thurman, 4 nominations, 1 Golden Globe