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Tomorrow’s Stars Yesterday: Anthony Perkins, 1957

Paul Newman was among them, but he has already been saluted in our Cecil B. deMille seriesAnthony Perkins, our Tomorrow’s Star Yesterday today.

John Kerr in Tea and SympathyJean Simmons’ infatuation in George Cukor’sThe ActressGary Cooper and Dorothy McGuire’s son in William Wyler’sFriendly Persuasion,

Karl Malden in Fear Strikes Out,

Jack Palance was wisely shelved by the studio; they preferred to showcase him in The Tin Star

René Clément, coming off numerous triumphs including the Oscar-winning Forbidden Games,Alida Valli in The Sea Wall, but it fared better in Europe than in the States. He returned to Broadway, triumphantly, playing Eugene Gant in Ketti Frings’s adaptation of Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward AngelDesire Under the ElmsSophia Loren and Burl Ives. The film was poorly received, but it allowed Perkins to give a master class in method acting, demonstrating an inventiveness that has rarely been seen on screen.

Shirley Booth’sThe Matchmaker, which years later reemerged as Hello Dolly!Shirley MacLaine. In spite of this rebuke, he retained his status as the go-to male ingenue and was cast opposite Audrey Hepburn in Green Mansions.

Tall Story, which introduced a young Jane Fonda, and in On the BeachGregory Peck and Ava Gardner, followed but it looked like his brief career was over. But not if Hitchcock had his way. He cast him as Norman Bates in Psycho,

Melina Mercouri’s costar in Jules Dassin’sPhaedra, Sophia Loren’s abusive husband in Anatole Litvak’s Five Miles to Midnight, and Orson Welles’ Joseph K. in Kafka’s The Trial. A guest star appearance in Is Paris Burning?Claude Chabrol’sThe Champagne Murders, a misfire which spelled finis to his European sojourn. He returned to the States and played another psycho in the well-received Pretty Poison,Tuesday Weld who got all the attention.

Mike Nichols’Catch 22,Paul Newman’sWUSA, and small jobs in Play It As It Lays, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Loving Molly, Murder on the Orient Express, Mahogany, and Winter Kills, all prestige pictures but none which would re-ignite his once smoldering career.

italic”>and spoke about Psycho II at an HFPA press conference telling journalists: “I think Hitchcock would have been pleased. We got a lot of encouragement from his survivors and that meant a great deal to us. We were encouraged first by Alma (his wife) who said she saw no reason why we shouldn’t make a sequel to Psycho. That gave us the kind of go-ahead for ourselves and when the picture was completed, she, of course, has since passed away, but Pat (their daughter) came to the opening and saw the film and was extremely enthusiastic about it and that meant a great deal to us too. I got her off in a corner after the press had left and the pictures stopped being taken. I said, ‘Now, tell me honestly what you really think. It really means something to me. Tell me what you really think of the picture’. She said, ‘I think exactly about it what I told the press. I think it was a wonderful film and I’m very excited about it.’ So that was a particular boost for us.”

Lucky Stiff. After that, he ended up accepting rote roles in TV projects. He died of AIDS at age 60.

Stephen Sondheim. He claimed to have been exclusively gay until a fling with Victoria Principal while filming The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean. Marisa Berenson’s younger sister Berry, and they remained together until his death. Tragically his widow was a passenger on American Airline Flight 11, which went down in the 9/11 attacks.