Actor Richard Todd seated with hands folded. (Photo by William Sumits/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)
  • Golden Globe Awards

Tomorrow’s Stars Yesterday: Richard Todd, 1950

Between 1948 and 1983 Golden Globes were awarded in a special category of “New Star of the Year” conceived to recognize young actors making a mark in their early roles. In this series, the HFPA’s Phil Berk highlights those that would follow their auspicious starts with distinguished careers.

Richard Todd was under contract to Associated British Pictures, when Warner Bros. cast him in The Hasty Heart, the role that would earn him both a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination as Best Actor, and of course the Golden Globe as New Star of the Year.

Alfred Hitchcock to cast him opposite Jane Wyman and Marlene Dietrich in Stage Fright, which though not one of Hitch’s best films, was a surprise box office success.

Walt cast him in Robin Hood and His Merry Men, and his spirited performance as Robin was so embraced by audiences, he became a fixture of Disney British made movies for the next few years.

Bette Davis, and D-Day the Sixth of June with Robert TaylorOtto Preminger borrowed him for his underappreciated Saint Joan, which marked the screen debut of Jean Seberg. He then worked on successive British films with director Michael Anderson, was in The Naked EarthZanuck’s mistress Juliette Greco, and completed his Fox obligation with Intent to Kill.

The Longest Day, but thereafter relegated to leading roles in forgettable films, he was finally rescued by his favorite director Michael Anderson for a supporting role in Sophia Loren’sOperation Crossbow and then ended up with below the title billing in Maureen O’Hara’s Battle of the Villa Fiorita.

Mitchum’sThe Big Sleep and spent his remaining years doing guest appearances in TV series.