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Vintage Cannes: 1960- Belmondo, Moreau, and a Golden Year

What a year this was! A rich crop with some of the best filmmakers came to the Croisette: Antonioni (L’avventura), Fellini (La Dolce Vita), Carlos Saura (Los golfos), Minelli (Home From the Hill), Jules Dassin (Never on Sunday), Buñuel (The Young One), Bergman (The Virgin Spring), Roberto Farias (A cidade ameaçada) – and Peter Brook, with Seven Days…Seven Nights, starring Jeanne Moreau and Jean-Paul Belmondo respectively as the on-the-edge housewife and the mysterious Chauvin from Marguerite Duras’ bestselling novel. Moreau would get the award of Best Actress, and Fellini would take the Palme d’Or.