l’actrice d’origine australienne Sigourney Weaver (en rouge), l’acteur américain Kevin Kline (à sa droite) et le réalisateur Ang Lee (D) posent pour les photographes, le 12 mai, aux pieds du Palais des Festivals à Cannes, avant la projection de leur film, en compétition au 50e Festival international du film. / AFP PHOTO / PATRICK HERTZOG
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Vintage Cannes: 1997 – Sigourney Weaver, Ice Queen

After catching the attention of the international film circuit with a trio of powerful pictures firmly rooted in Taiwanese culture – Pushing Hands in 1991, The Wedding Banquet in 1992 and Eat Drink Man Woman in 1993 – director Ang Lee quickly did a turnaround and launched himself into a series of varied projects. First came his adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, and then, in 1997, another literary adaptation – the family drama The Ice Storm, writen by James Schamus from Rick Moody’s eponymous novel and an official selection, in competition, at Cannes that year. Sigourney Weaver, who plays a kind of suburban vixen in Storm, walked majestically on the montée des marches,  her co-star Kevin Kline by her side, and poor Ang Lee more than a little bit lost in the shuffle. Weaver would be nominated for a Golden Globe; in Cannes, Schamus received the prize for best screenplay, and Ice Storm was nominated for the Palme d’Or.