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World Box Office Jan 15 – Jan 21, 2018

This weekend Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle brushed off new comers 12 Strong and Den of Thieves, taking the domestic top spot one more time with $20.4 million. Sony’s jungle adventure comedy is turning out to be a bigger hit than anybody expected, with home market earning approaching $320 million and global sales now at $767 million. Sony reportedly made this movie for something in the $90 million range, and had a low-key marketing campaign mainly focusing on the already tested comedy duo Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hart.

On its surface, this reads like a film that would end its run around $400 million at best, leave everyone involved satisfied, and maybe some toying with the idea of a sequel. Instead we’re looking at a property that is edging on $800 million, already has solid follow-up talk surrounding it, and most of all, gave an early retirement to what should have been January’s biggest movie. Continuing last week’s trend, Star Wars: The Last Jedi gave signs of being done for good as it slid out of the global top ten for the first time on $16.4 million. At $1.3 billion Jedi definitely did its job but it’s also safe to say that a couple hundred million dollars escaped Burbank and found themselves over the hill in Sony’s Culver City lot.

Out of the frames two newest domestic challengers Warner Bros.’ 12 Strong came in hottest with $16.5 million in the US and $19 million worldwide. Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon star in this Jerry Bruckheimer production about one of the first Special Forces reams to enter Afghanistan after September 11. It shows their early cooperation with the Northern Alliance tribes and the campaign of guerilla warfare they engage in to fight the ruling Taliban forces. Strong is in a handful of minor overseas territories already but begins its foreign rollout in earnest next week.

Third place domestic finisher this weekend was newcomer Den of Thieves. It took $15.3 million for distributor STX Entertainment. Gerard Butler stars as a corrupt and violent cop out to take down a gang of bank robbers led by Pablo Schrieber as they look to score from a Federal Reserve Bank. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson joins as one of the gang members. Reviews have been mixed and sales strong enough to justify this $30 million low-risk, low ambition picture. It made $1.3 million in a handful of small European markets.

While these two pictures were the biggest drops in the US and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle took the overall global win with $52.6 million, the biggest two single-market performances belonged to one Bollywood and one Chinese production: Secret Superstar and Forever Young. Superstar, produced in India and starring South Asian hit maker Aamir Khan, has so far made $27 million. It’s about a young girl with dreams of becoming a famous singer. Shortly behind it at $22.4 million was Chinese pic Forever Young, an action movie starring Zhang Ziyi.

Next week the latest Maze Runner film opens in the US, along with Christian Bale and Rosamund Pike led western Hostiles.

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