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World Box Office June 30 – July 6, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction, Paramount’s for lack of a better word, paramount summer hit finished at the top of both the domestic and international charts for the second time since its release last weekend. The 4th of July holiday period was good for $36.4 million in the US and Canada, while overseas the picture drummed up another $95.8 million as it finished first in each of its 37 territories. China again delivered astonishing numbers with a $50.9 Million gross coming from the film’s second week of showings. Michael Bay’s fourth explosive imagining of the Hasbro action-figure inspired series, with its addition of front man Mark Wahlberg and shape-shifting robotic dinosaurs, has now generated $212.8 million in the People’s Republic. James Cameron’s Avatar still holds the record for theatrical sales in the country, but its $221.9 million benchmark will be surpassed by Extinction as early as Wednesday. Hong Kong, whose box office has grown 11% in comparison to the first half of 2013, contributed $4.28 million to this frame’s total. $4.7 million came from Australia where the picture also finished first for the second weekend in a row and has accumulated a total of $17.7 million. Korea was another big territory with $8.9 million coming from the southern half of the East Asian peninsula. Its total there is now $8.9 million. Overall, what is almost certain to become 2014’s biggest movie has made a global cumulative of $576.6 million in its opening two weeks. Most of Europe and South America will have to wait until World Cup madness subsides after Sunday’s final to see the film. For the second time in a row there was no serious attempt to vie for the top box office position, but Warner Brothers decided to use the holiday to launch their Melissa McCarthy comedy Tammy. It had $21.17 million weekend and a $32.9 million opening run, finishing second for both the week and the weekend. These figures can hardly be disappointing considering the film’s $20 million budget. With McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone having taken directorial duties, a first for him, Warner Brothers is calling Tammy a family project of Ms. McCarthy’s, and seems to be pleased with its opening run. International distribution will begin over the next week. Another major release over the past frame was Deliver us From Evil, a supernatural horror film from Sony Pictures’ Screen Gems and director Scott Derrickson. It made $15 million domestically following its Wednesday opening, with its $9.5 million weekend earning it third place, as well as $2.5 million abroad from its 16 current markets. The largest of these were the Philippines at $545 thousand, and Malaysia with $400 thousand in receipts over the movie’s opening week. One film could conceivably be considered competition for Transformers, as it too features shape-shifting sentient robots, although that would be quite a stretch. Earth to Echo, a found footage children’s film with a concept similar to E.T., earned Relativity Media $8.25 million this weekend and captured sixth place. Since its Wednesday launch it has earned $13.5 million, a very welcome hair over its reported $13 million budget. Back on the international front 22 Jump Street finished second, taking just $10 million of scraps left over from Transformers’ gluttonous feast. Russia delivered a decent return of $4.1 million and Australia contributed $2.5 million. It too is waiting for the end of FIFA’s quadrennial tournament to make its mark on Europe and Latin America. It made $9.5 million at home, finishing fourth. America, the political documentary from right-wing filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, didn’t go very far beyond its intended demographic of extreme conservatives. It earned $2.75 million at home this weekend. An A+ Cinemascore from such a politically divisive offering is proof enough that none but the choir attended this sermon. Maleficent made $6.1 million for seventh place at home, and accomplished something rather more magical in the Land of the Rising Sun. After 16 weeks at the top of the charts, Disney managed to knock its favorite child, Frozen, down a peg with the help of Angelina Jolie’s sexy brand of evil sorcery. Next week will see the release of Fox’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes as well as Nicolas Cage vehicle Rage and Jason Momoa’s title role debut in Road to Paloma