LGBT Month: a Golden Globes Red-Carpet Photo Gallery

Emma D’Arcy, Colman Domingo, Hannah Einbinder, Jodie Foster, Ryan Murphy, Andrew Scott —  what do these Golden Globe winners have in common? 

June is celebrated as Gay Pride month. President Bill Clinton first recognized the month as Gay & Pride month in 2009, while President Joe Biden declared it LGBTQ Pride Month in 2021. 

The Golden Globes has been on the forefront of recognizing LGBTQ+ talent and content in its 81 years of existence. The list above is just a microcosm of the talent which the Globes has honored, that has portrayed or entered into the LGBTQ+ conversation in a positive way. From hosts, to talent in front and behind the camera, to the stories that capture the fight for inclusion, the pain of persecution for being true to oneself, or the total celebration of owning their own identity – all have been celebrated.

2024 continued the trend. Nominated works included “Maestro,” “Nyad,” “Rustin,” “All of Us Strangers” and “Fellow Travelers.” Out comedian Jerrod Carmichael hosted the event in 2022 which celebrated Jeremy Pope for “Inspection,” Hannah Einbinder for “Hacks,” and the Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Ryan Murphy that year. 

While we agree with the thoughts expressed by Billie Eilish in “The Independent”, “Nobody should be pressured into being one thing or the other,” we also wanted to give a shoutout to the talent and the roles that have been honored by the Golden Globes which reflect LGBTQ+ entertainers and stories.  As we celebrate, let’s recall that June is Gay Pride month as a reminder of the Stonewall Riots which started on June 28th, 1969.

Click through our gallery as we break down the style of some LGBTQ+ Golden Globes winners and nominees.