photo by Earl Gibson III

Golden Globes Give ‘Moment of Peace’ to Iris Knobloch

Women took center stage at an exclusive luncheon May 20 that honored Iris Knobloch, president of the Cannes Film Festival. Organized by Golden Globes president Helen Hoehne on behalf of the Globes and the Robb Report, the lunch celebrated the achievements of German-born Knobloch during her tenure in the Cannes presidency. Her appointment, which commenced in July 2022, saw her become the first female to run the festival.

“The Cannes Film Festival exists and is so wonderful because of the talent that makes the festival and all the events so special,” Knobloch said.  Taking a short break from her hectic schedule to attend the lunch, arriving via helicopter, she added, “I’m having my moment of peace here with you today after just leaving the red carpet.”

Hoehne toasted Knobloch, listing her many accomplishments, including her 15 years as chief executive officer of Warner Bros France and Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Hoehne said, “As the first female president, she has firmly and expertly put her imprint on it, continuing its strong traditions in recognizing the achievements of talented women in film.”

Hoehne went on to say, “Although I’ve only known Iris for a short time, I feel like we’ve become close friends and share a common desire to preserve the entertainment industry, pay homage to its powerful creatives, and open doors for young talent to achieve their full potential.”

The Golden Globes and Robb Report joined forces to celebrate Knobloch at a sumptuous villa outside Cannes, in Biot, hosted by German actress Veronica Ferres and her husband, businessman Carsten Maschmeyer.

An intimate gathering of industry professionals such as filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino and actor Gary Oldman, who were at the festival to promote “Parthenope,” enjoyed a five-course meal on the grounds of the estate. Also in attendance were British film producer Cassian Elwes as well as representatives from the Sardinia and Red Sea Film Festivals.    

The Cannes Film Festival, which celebrates its 77th year, is widely regarded as the most important of the international film festivals.  Knobloch said in a press release,  “I am happy to be able to devote all my energy to the influence of this global event, a major event for the safeguarding of the cultural life of a world which feels, more than ever, the urgent need for it.”

photo: Iris Knobloch (left) and Helen Hoehne