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Golden Globes 2022: Nominations, Variety, Representation

Difference. Variety. Representation. It’s difficult to find a definition of ‘diversity’ that does not include at least one of these words, in some form. They each reveal the true meaning of this popularized word. Thankfully, diversity has become more than mere words. It is action toward the equitable manifestation of difference, variety, and representation. Thankfully, diversity has become about doing, becoming, and being.
Celebrating creative brilliance through art is a direct celebration of the core spirit of diversity. By its very nature, art invites and transports us to places beyond our current state of being – whatever the medium, whatever the realm. Art leads us to expand our hearts, minds, and souls and to explore the reset boundaries that now encompass the new ‘me’ – the ‘me’ that sees and feels more than before – more reality, more possibility, and more of what might be within our reach. And the magic of art is the way in which it blends difference, variety, and representation with the commonality of shared interests, hopes, and dreams. In short, it unifies through difference. This is certainly the case with television and film, where our collective fondness and attachment have long proven to be deep, with the impressions profound, transformational, and lasting.
The HFPA nominations for the 2022 Golden Globe Awardscelebrate magnificent artistry. They reveal excellence in television and film, and as they have always done, these nominations promote new, established, and diverse talent from all over the world – a reflection of the expanded HFPA membership. These nominations highlight wonderful work across race, gender, ethnicity, and nationality, to name just a few manifestations of representation.
I have been heartened and inspired by the activism across our nation demanding racial and social equity and justice. These efforts have already resulted in heightened awareness of inequities, elevated accountability, and significant change in organizational responsibility to not just tolerate difference, but to embrace, promote, and celebrate it as both a moral imperative and a business advantage. This is healthy and necessary pressure. The HFPA has felt it, and the historic organization has heard the calls for its elevated conduct. Most importantly, it is responding. The changes include governance composition, as well as extensive policy and procedural, revised and expanded membership eligibility criteria and outreach, ongoing diversity training, and a new diversity-focused executive position. These and the many other structural alterations will have the effect of transforming the output and outcomes of all HFPA work. This is how meaningful and lasting organizational commitment to diversity interests happen – from deep within to affect widely beyond.
As the HFPA continues to work tirelessly in this area, its increased membership will more broadly reflect the makeup of our global citizenship, and this will directly impact the breadth and range of compelling television and film productions that deservedly receive considerations for prestigious awards.
As we continue to hold ourselves and our organizations to higher standards, we must also allow for a path of recognition, reform, and transformation – we must allow each other to demonstrate we can change, that we can be better than we were before, that we can grow and become more.
These diverse 2022 Golden Globe nominations, along with all the HFPA will do in the weeks, months, and years ahead, reveal the organizational commitment to doing, becoming, and being. It is moving forward with intent and conviction.
Enjoy the upcoming awards season!