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Golden Globes Connect at the Berlin Film Festival

At the annual Berlin Film Festival, the Golden Bear is the highest prize awarded for the Best Film in competition. But for this 74th edition, things got a little more radiant when the rooftop of the historic Adlon Hotel, inside the exclusive China Club, managed to flaunt more precious metal during one of the opening weekend’s most in-demand events, Golden Globes Connect.


“We are thrilled to bring the Golden Globes to Germany for the first time, and what better platform than the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival” proclaimed Helen Hoehne, President of the Golden Globes. “I have a special place in my heart for this film festival and the historical and cultural impact of the German entertainment industry. Berlin aligns with the Globe’s strong partnerships and ties with other leading international film festivals.”


Joining festival cousins Cannes, Venice, Sundance, and Toronto, Berlin is an exciting expansion of the Golden Globes’ international presence at the world’s leading film festivals, often the launching pads of many potential front-running motion pictures in the upcoming awards season.


The intimate gathering, held under the watchful gaze of the nearby Brandenburg Gate, proved to be an impressive congregation to many of Germany’s top creative talents. Among the prominent turnout were such renowned stars as Iris Berben, Albrecht Schuch, Ken Duken, Aylin Tezel, Christian Schwochow, Florian Gallenberger, and Veronica Ferres, who mingled with the rising class of local talent, including Jeanne Goursaud, August Wittgenstein, Philip Froissant, Dela Dabulamanzi, and Hannah Herzsprung.


Though a gentle rain dampened the streets below, partygoers were still able to whet their appetite with inspired conversation and an array of local delicacies such as schnitzel, mushroom risotto, whitefish, and seared tuna, all washed down with free-flowing champagne. Overseen by Chest of Wonders, who produced the event, guests were given the golden treatment.


The inspired purpose of Golden Globes Connect is to bring together creative talent luminaries from the motion picture and television industries on an international stage to foster an exchange of talent, ideas, and cultural experiences, further enhancing the collaborative spirit that defines the entertainment world. This inaugural event made Berlin a little more golden.

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Scott Orlin

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