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Éric Rohmer

Éric Rohmer (born in Tulle, France. March 21, 1920, died January 11, 2010), a director of the French New Wave, directed movies like La Collectionneuse (1967), My Night at Maud’s (Ma nuit chez Maud, 1960) with Jean-Louis Trintignant and Françoise Fabian, Claire’s Knee (Le genou de Claire, 1970) with Jean-Claude Brialy, Chloe in the Afternoon (L’Amour l’après-midi, 1972), The Marquise of O (Die Marquise von O…1976) with Edith Clever and Bruno Ganz, Pauline at the Beach (Pauline à la plage, 1983), Full Moon in Paris (Les nuits de la pleine lune, 1984), The Green Ray (Le rayon vert, 1986), Autumn Tale (Conte d’automne, 1998).

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