Dimitri Tiomkin

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Music and the Golden Globes: a Brief History – Part 1

Can anyone deny the role that music plays in molding a blockbuster?  Without that component would the public be inclined to see movies over and over again, which is how one defines a blockbuster? What would the best-loved movies be without music? Can you imagine Gone With The Wind without "Tara's Theme,” The Godfather without Nino Rota’s score, Casablanca without "As Time Goes By?"Isn’t it time we recognize the film composer as an optimum contributor in the making of either a classic or a blockbuster, or better yet, both?Which brings us to the Golden Globe music awards.  Even though the awards themselves were established in 1944, the first music award for Best Original Score was not given until 1948, and then inauspiciously to the great Max Steiner for Life with Father.