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Dubai International Film Festival 2016: Empowering Arab Cinema

Every year, Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) presents a program of classic movies in addition to a slew of new ones, and this year it treated festivalgoers to a beach screening of A Fistful of Dollars, in a new copy restored thanks to a grant by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA. )The screening was attended by over 450 cinema lovers, who cheered enthusiastically upon hearing about the HFPA’s contribution to restoring 84 classics.
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Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival: A Film Culture Blossoms In The Thawing North

The official name of the Tallinn International Film Festival (PÖFF), is Black Nights an accurate moniker indeed for a festival taking place in a city which in November enjoys a scant 8 hours of light per day. “ideal conditions for watching a lot of movies” according to the organizers which like all Estonians seem to have a knack for putting the best possible face on a climate that can be less than forgiving.