Kevin Bacon

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HFPA in Conversation: Kevin Bacon Really Loves Boston

Golden Globe winner Kevin Bacon sat down with HFPA journalist Barbara Gasser and talked about how he met his wife and his latest role on the TV show City on a Hill - among many other things. “Sometimes when you do a television series for over multiple episodes, especially if it’s a crime show, there’s certain episodes, certain scenes where you kind of figure that you’re just advancing the plot as opposed to actually delving into character stuff but with this show, my character is so fascinating to me.
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Personal Projects Fire Up the 71st Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The prestigious Edinburgh International Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world, but after spending a week there we can say that it is one of the coolest, charming and most pleasant film festivals around.   151 features from 46 countries screened at this year’s edition of the festival, between featrures, shorts and documentaries, with God’s Own Country , written and directed by actor Francis Lee, opening the event on June 21.