Rose Byrne

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International Women’s Day – Celebrating Australian Women in Film

A panel of trailblazing Australian women in film took center stage for International Women’s Day in a panel held at the Brentwood home of Ambassador Jane Duke, Australian Consul-General to Los Angeles. The predominantly female audience gathered on the residence’s front lawn, and director Unjoo Moon (I Am Woman) led a dynamic panel including actresses Rose Byrne (Physical, Bridesmaids), Danielle Macdonald (The Tourist, Unbelievable), Charmaine Bingwa (The Good Fight), and Oscar-nominated cinematographer, Ari Wegner (The Power of the Dog).
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Oprah Winfrey and Rose Byrne of Henrietta Lacks

The case of Henrietta Lacks and the cancer cells harvested from her biopsy, which became the source of an “immortalized” cell line used by science research labs worldwide, sits squarely at the crossroads of science, ethics and racial identity in America. For all the scientific advances that came from using the cells unbeknownst to the patient or her family, the story, first told in depth by reporter Rebecca Skloot, is emblematic of the sometimes-equivocal ethics that bind scientific research.