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On the Set of ‘Queen Sugar’ in New Orleans: Girl Magic, Power – and Fun

Season Two of Queen Sugar, the series created and produced by Golden Globe-nominee Ava DuVernay – part I of the premiere aired yesterday, with part II coming up today – was shot in New Orleans where the story of the Bordelon family takes place. In May they were filming the midseason finale - and what a day to be on the set! One rarely gets to see such highly emotional scenes being filmed, much less reading the sides (pages being shot on a particular day), but in the interest of the unwritten ‘no spoilers, please!’-rule, we will not divulge details.
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HFPA meets Winter the dolphin

Visiting the set of the upcoming movie Dolphin Tale in the marine hospital in Clearwater, Florida, HFPA members were introduced to the star and the protagonist of the movie, Winter, the Dolphin whose tail had to be amputated and be replaced with a prosthetic one after sustaining an incurable injury in 2007. Dolphins swim by fluttering their tails vertically, up and down, but after losing her tail, Winter started to swim by wiggling her body horizontally in order to propel herself forward, which resulted in damaging her spine.