The Hand of God

  • Golden Globe Awards

The Hand of God (Italy)

In his most autobiographical film to date, The Hand of God, Golden Globe winner (in 2014 for The Great Beauty) Paolo Sorrentino returns to his hometown, Naples, where 20 years ago he shot his first movie, One Man Up (L’uomo in piu’).  In The Hand of God, produced and distributed by Netflix, Fabietto (talented newcomer Filippo Scotti) is an adolescent surrounded by an eccentric family, with a voluptuous aunt who is the object of sexual desire for all the young men around, an adoring mother (Teresa Saponangelo) and father (Toni Servillo, protagonist of many of Sorrentino’s films, including The Great Beauty and Il Divo), a loved older brother and a mysterious sister, who remains locked up in the bathroom until the very end of the film.