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80th Golden Globes: ’60s Glamour Fashion- Marilyn Monroe, Barbra Streisand, Julie Andrews, Eartha Kitt

Marilyn Monroe and Rock Hudson – Marilyn clutching a globe, Rock Hudson clutching Marilyn – the moment filled with unspoken things.


Flipping through the ’60s Golden Globe Fashion, we see the beginning of trends that break with all that went before. Can you spot them?


This gallery is fascinating –  fashion at a schism, the old and the new. Tradition leaves its mark for the ‘formal’ occasion, but trends that would come to mark the age, and everything that came afterward, are evident, especially among the rising stars that would become legends of the time.


Barbra Streisand with heavy eyeliner dominated in the ’60s. Headgear changed: fur hats and head scarves became popular.


John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Omar Sharif. Men’s fashion for formal occasions was predictable, personality demonstrated in the size of the bow tie, which got bigger as the decade ran out.


The 60s was a time of radical fashion change. We think mini skirts and straight hair. White lipstick and outlined eye, paillettes were popular; animal prints were too – see Eartha Kitt. 


But what we think of as ’60s fashion was subverted for ‘events’ like the Golden Globes where women could be seen honoring what had gone before, but also daringly, changing hair and make-up, easing the restrictive tailoring of the ’50s, and including patterns and embellishments in a new way, as a break from the solids and confines of the ’40s and ’50s.


Mia Farrow is a standout with the look of the moment. A baby doll dress that would flourish in the ’70s. Her eyes are enormous with make-up that the young were popularizing.


A very young Sally Field embraces the ’70s puff shoulder, while in the same photo Faye Dunaway goes with a simple Maxi that would blossom in the ’70s. 


Julie Andrews goes for a bolero jacket with beading, Natalie Wood for an asymmetrical gown and a cigarette holder – the height of glamour at the time. A year later she would try a jeweled, cropped over-vest on top of her gown.


For all the rumors of disruption, the ’60s look-back shows restraint, a nod to what went before – but wait for the ’70s when the 80th Golden Globes looks back at that decade and things get a tad more jiggly.

Marilyn Monroe and Rock Hudson at the 1962 Golden GlobesGregory Peck, Barbra StreisandEartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt in animal print, a style that flourished throughout the ’60s.

Anne Bancroft, George SegalCharlton Heston, Kirk DouglasJohn Wayne, Sally Field, John Cassavetes, Faye DunawayNat King Cole, Donna DouglasJulie Andrews, Gene Kelly, Laurence HarveyNatalie Wood, Andy Williams Samantha Eggar, Omar SharifCarl Betz, Diahann Carroll, Michel LegrandMia FarrowDustin HoffmanSteve McQueen, Natalie WoodRod Steiger