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Black Style Influences Fashion: NAACP – “Images: Fashion Moments in Time”

 Bethann Hardison

Exciting Fashion ruled at the “54th NAACP Image Awards” during the Images: Fashion Moments in Time event in Los Angeles this week. Top designers showed innovative looks with bold colors, tailoring and a sensibility that reflected the influences of Black culture on style.


Before the event, nominees and stars walked the walk in glamorous gowns and fashion-forward looks that are trending. (See video – then return to look at runway style.)

Ruth E. Carter Brandee Evans

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While streetwear has been heavily influenced by hip hop and black culture, high fashion designers are starting to acknowledge and pay tribute to the themes that have shaped the images associated with Black culture.


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Byron Lars (In Earnest) reflected on ‘The Harlem Renaissance’. Kevan Hall of Kevan Hall Designs, Black Design Collective (BDC) co-founder, and former design and creative director at Halston, showcased ‘The Motown Effect’. 


KUTULA by Africana focused on Africa Infusion. The ‘Culture of Hip Hop’ was covered by Cross Colors founder, Carl Jones, while the House of Aama came up with delicious designs shaped by ‘The Black Resort.’


The finale showcased the range of looks that have been overlooked in credit, but that are immediately recognized as part of the imprint that makes its way onto the world’s fashion runways.