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Golden Globes: 25 Stylish Men of the Golden Globes – Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael B. Jordan, Timothée Chalamet, Robert Pattinson, Osar Isaac, Henry Golding

Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael B. Jordan, Timothée Chalamet, Robert Pattinson, Oscar Isaac, Henry Golding

Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael B. Jordan, Timothée Chalamet, Robert PattinsonOscar Isaac, and Henry Golding. 


The Golden Globes celebrates glamorous guys. Over the past six weeks, we have looked back at some of the most influential people in movies and television. Names like Marlon Brando, Sidney Poitier, and more. 


Today we move into our recent past and highlight some of the stars who sat before us as they were starting out, bringing not only talent but style to our time together.


We mix it up, showcasing Billy Dean Williams in 1981, and throw in a few more 80s heartthrobs to stoke the memories. If you missed it, we have been highlighting the icons of entertainment each decade – go back and look at the fashion of the ‘50s, ’60s, ’70s, 80s, and ’90s. Leave a message on Facebook to let us know who we should feature.


In today’s gallery, we honor Denzel Washington, Jim Carrey, and a few more men from the 90s. But we also hop into 2000 and beyond, including Benicio del Toro, Gerard Butler, Timothée Chalamet, and Darren Criss.


Scroll through. Enjoy. There are lots that we have not mentioned in the introduction. Discover and delight – 25 Men of Style.


Chris HemsworthOrlando Bloom, Ethan Hawke and Mark Wahlberg1981 Billy Dee Williams, 38th Golden GlobesDarren Criss

Above: Darren Chris in 2018. It was the year the Golden Globes stood in support of #Timesup and most chose to wear black to celebrate and new beginning. Darren wore black on black. The trimmed beard man scruff, the pin on the lapel. No tie. And note the lapel itself. Two contrasting materials. Niiiiice.


Below: Can one say enough about Timothée Chalamet on the red carpet? Eddie Redmayne joined the throng of males who are embracing softer, embellished looks. (See the gallery). Along with Harry Styles, no male star has done more to embrace a new vision of male fashion. We applaud you.

2019 Timothee Chalamet, 76th Golden Globes1995 Hugh Grant, 52nd Golden Globes

In the ’90s Hugh Grant was the king of the rom-com. Many of the titles have gone on to become film classics. At the 52nd Golden Globes, he accepts the Award for Four Weddings and a Funeral. He is classic ’90s. Well-cut suit, slightly large bow tie, hair groomed, but not overly so. The few strands of break-away locks are almost as fascinating as the character work he does in those feel-good fan favs.

2006 Russel Crowe, 63rd Golden Globes

Russell Crowe always has a twinkle in his eye. There is no place for lazy journalism in a discussion with this talent. On the carpet he is impeccable. Usually, he goes with old school classics: three-piece tux, studs replacing the buttons, slightly reduced bow tie, and the ‘superman’ lock on the forehead. 

2007 Djimon Hounsou, 64th Golden Globesnull

In which film did Djimon Hounsou and Gerard Butler star? Hint – it’s a children’s fav animated film about dragons.

Both of the men deliver talent as character actors and as easily slip into action.

Two Above: Each has an excellent fashion sense. Hounsou goes with an evening suit – note the trim on the lapel and fresh tie, the color undefinable – but exactly what it should be.

One above: Butler is experimental with fashion, willing to play with hue, cut, and fabric. One thing you can always count on is a power watch and cufflinks. 

Below: Former 007 – Daniel Craig is always traditional. Tux, pocket kerchief, and the glamour of grooming and sunglasses.

2019 Daniel Craig, 76th Golden Globes1978 Michael Douglas, 35th Golden Globes

Michael Douglas above, Tom Hanks below. If you’ve been following the 80 years of Golden Globe fashion then you can tell the eras without looking at the years.

Michael Douglas with 70s hair, substantial man scruff, and a large bow tie.

Tom Hanks: very groomed and glam.

1994 Tom Hanks, 51st Golden Globes2007 Sendhil Ramamurthy, 64th Golden Globes


2007 Sendhil Ramamurthy, 64th Golden Globes. You can see that men have moved away from the uniform of the penguin suit with little variation. Sendhil is in an evening suit and tie with a message lapel broach.


Below: Are we allowed to call men beautiful? If we don’t feel guilty about naming a woman thusly, we should embrace the adjective as gender neutral. People are beautiful. And Denzel Washington certainly is in 1990 with a buttonless white shirt and larger cut tux – at the turn of the decade.

1990 Denzel Washington, 47th Golden Globes1998 Jim Carrey, 55th Golden Globes

Above: Oh Jim Carrey! In 1998 he turned up like an English gentleman: the colored waistcoat in a satin grey. Look at the neckpiece, please. Outside of America, it is referred to as ‘the cravat’ – inside America, it is called ‘the Ascot’. The lapel detail and the piece d’ resistance – the long coat/jacket. We see you, Mr. Carrey.


Below: Fit and fantastic. Arnold Schwarzenegger looking Golden Globes glam. The look needs no explanation. Perfection indeed.

1992 Arnold Schwarzenegger, 49th Golden Globes2001 Benicio del Toro, 58th Golden Globes

The tuxedo originated in 1888 in Tuxedo Park – an enclave of New York’s elite, while the penguin waistcoat is named for the white bib visually reminiscent of the penguin’s white markings.

Above: Benicio del Toro exposes why the look still holds so much appeal. The look evokes memories of dancing, champagne, and laughter – therefore a perfect choice for the best party in town – the Golden Globes.


Below: Heartthrob of the ’80s, and father of Dakota Johnson, Don Johnson made his mark on the television show, Miami Vice. He rather daringly goes with an unusual tie, but with an accessory of a Globe – who would notice? 

1986 Don Johnson, 43rd Golden Globes1990 Spike Lee, 47th Golden Globes

Above: Spike Lee who defines the term ‘paying forward’ – especially in opening the door for Black talent – tends to favor purple these days. Here he is the height of cool with subtle glasses, a hat and a statement bow tie. We love it.

Below: When Tom Selleck wiggled his eyebrows on Magnum P. I. women swooned. Here he wears the tuxedo the way it first entered the vernacular – as a white jacket. Until 1933, when one referred to a tuxedo, you wrote it with a capital ‘T’.

1982 Tom Selleck, 39th Golden GlobesJohn Leguizamo

Many stars meet their heroes at the Golden Globes as the best of film and television mingle, often encountering each other for the very first time. John Leguizamo looks great in 1996, with his camera to turn the tables on the photographers. His black on black ensemble is very now.

Below: Sometimes a man wears a tuxedo with such simplicity, all you can do is stand back with admiration. As we do with Antonio Banderas.

Antonio Banderas1995 Samuel Jackson, 52nd Golden Globes

Samuel L. Jackson has a reputation as one cool dude – and you can see why here – the light-rimmed glasses, the white shirt – tieless, the attitude, fresh.

Return to see more red carpet moments as we march toward the 80th Golden Globes on January 10th.