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Aaron Paul Steps On “The Path”

After notching its first Golden Globe nomination with comedy half-hour Casual, Hulu now steps up its original drama game with The Path. The hour-long drama series from playwright creator Jessica Goldberg is set among the followers of a spiritual sect based in New York State. Eddie Cleary (Golden Globe nominee Aaron Paul) is a young husband and father who is beginning to doubt his faith in the esoteric religion that has shaped his life. Golden Globe nominated Michelle Monaghan plays his wife Sarah who tries to hold her family – and her world – together in the face of her husband’s crisis. The series explores some of the same themes of faith, doubt, conformism and coercion that were the mainstay of last season’s The Leftovers, albeit in a more realistic setting. We asked Paul, himself the son of a Baptist minister, about the show and why religion and faith make for such compelling subject matter.