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Baz Luhrman and Justice Smith “Get Down”

Director Baz Luhrman credits the six Golden Globe nominations received by his Moulin Rouge in 2002 with helping put musicals back on the map as a viable Hollywood form. That film was, of course, the groundbreaking follow-up to his acclaimed reimagining Romeo and Juliet, and its tale of bohemian art and heartbreak in turn-of-the–century Paris owed as much to classic musicals as to Bollywood films. Moulin Rouge won three Globes that year: Best Musical or Comedy, Best Actress for Nicole Kidman and Best Original Score for Craig Armstrong. After directing Australia and The Great Gatsby, Luhrman gets back to his musical passion with The Get Down, the Netflix series that tells the origin story of Hip Hop, the form of “musical collage” that the Aussie director says is a natural fit to his style of film making. We spoke to him and to Get Down star Justice Smith.