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“Blindspotting” has 20/20 Vision

Blindspotting was one of the talked about films to bow at this year’s Sundance – and it’s being talked about even more now that it’s opened wide. Directed by Carlos López Estrada and produced, written and played by Daveed Diggs (Hamilton) and Rafael Casal, the film is part of the growing “Oakland New Wave” which includes, just this year, Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You (another Sundance sensation) and a little movie called Black Panther, via East Bay favorite son Ryan Coogler (who not surprisingly worked his hometown into the plot). Coogler’s first film was the revelatory indie drama Fruitvale Station, on the killing of Oscar Grant by Oakland police. That event shook the community to its core and, as Daveed Diggs told us, became a central inspiration for Blindspotting as well. Here’s what else the two Blindspotting co-conspirators told us about their film and how it seeks to address some issues of race, identity and class dynamics central to the time and place all of us live in.