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Christian Bale on Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups is Terrence Malick’s eighth released feature and like many of his films it is unique film making. Held together by the barest of narrative threads, the film follows a kind of rambling, stream of consciousness existential reckoning by its lone protagonist, Rick (Christian Bale), adrift in his life recollections on the backdrop of stunning Southern California locations. Whether you find this brand of directing, reminiscent of Godard and other European avant-garde, conceited or sublime probably depends on individual taste and disposition. What is certain is that Malick once again pushes the boundaries of film making as a sublimely visual medium (thanks also to another amazing cinematography by the unstoppable Emmauel Lubezki). We spoke to Golden Globe winner Christian Bale about the film and the unique challenges of collaborating with Malick.