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Elijah Wood Does Sundance in Front and Behind the Camera

It’s been a busy festival for Sundance regular – and lifetime honorary Hobbit – Elijah Wood. The actor/producer was at Eccles for the premiere of Macon Blair’s I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, a quirky millennial noir, which takes an unexpected turn into gore territory (think Coen Bros). His name also scrolled in the credits of Bitch, a surreal psychological drama about a put upon housewife whose nervous breakdown connects her to her canine self. And he is interviewed as part of 78/52, Alexander O. Philippe’s cinephile documentary examining the famous shower scene in Hitchcock’s PsychoIn I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore the multi-hyphenate actor-producer plays a nerdy recluse heavy metal fan that helps recover awkward nurse Melanie Lynskey’s computer when it is stolen by a band of misfits. The HFPA’s Scott Orlin caught up with him in at the festival.